Thuraya IP Accessories


Battery Pack

IP Terminal Battery Pack
The IP battery pack enables you to use the Thuraya IP in areas without access to mains electricity. Using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it provides you with up to 36 hours of standby time and 1 hour of continuous usage at the highest rate. Replacement batteries are also available for the Thuraya IP unit.

Car Charger

IP Terminal Car Charger
The car charger ensures your Thuraya IP is never out of power while you are on the move. It provides non-stop operation of your handset by charging your Thuraya IP while you drive. The car charger simply plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, charging your handset using a standard vehicle DC jack.

Travel Charger

IP Terminal Car Charger
Thuraya’s Travel Charger with EU/UK/Chinese plug types is a compact device that links your Thuraya IP to a mains socket for charging. It can be used regardless of whether the handset is switched off, on standby or during a call. The charging time of a Thuraya IP with a fully discharged battery is approximately 2 hours 25 minutes. The exchangeable plugs allow you to charge your Thuraya handset in most parts of the world.

Universal Travel Adapter

IP Terminal Car Charger
The Thuraya universal travel adapter enables you to connect your Thuraya IP to mains electrical sockets across the UK and Europe.

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