Sim Card Plans

Thuraya’s range of reliable voice and data products provide you with the freedom of movement and the ability to stay connected in any of the challenging environments in which you operate.

Thuraya Prepay Voice Plan

Thuraya Prepay enables you to credit your existing Thuraya account at any time, using scratch cards purchased from one of our service providers in more than 140 countries.

Refill using Scratch Cards

Thuraya offers scratch cards that are available in various denominations starting as low as 10 units. These can be used to refill your Prepay account. You can learn more about scratch cards by visiting this page.

Thuraya Recharge

Thuraya Recharge is a convenient way to use your credit card to refill your prepaid Thuraya satellite phone. Log on to for more details.

Thuraya Postpay Voice Plan

A Thuraya Postpay account provides you with monthly bills, meaning you can use your Thuraya handset now and pay later. Postpay offers unlimited usage without the need to top up credit as you go.

With a one-time only access fee and rates that are generally lower than Thuraya Prepay, Thuraya Postpay also provides additional roaming functionality.

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