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Thuraya XT-DUAL

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On which networks does Thuraya XT-DUAL work?

Thuraya XT-DUAL is a dual-mode phone which works either in GSM-mode (900/1800/1900 MHz) or in SAT-mode throughout the whole coverage area of the Thuraya satellites. This duality of GSM and SAT-mode provides highest flexibility to find available networks wherever you are.

What is the IP64/IK03 standard?

IP and IK are international industrial standards referring to degrees of ‘ingress protection’ for electrical devices. The IP standard is defined in the international standard IEC 60529 (equivalent of the European standard EN 60529). The IK standard is defined in the international standard IEC 62262:2002 (equivalent of the European standard EN 62262):

IP64 standard:

First digit: 64
Dust tight. No ingress of dust.

Second digit: 64

Splash resistant. Protected against splashed water from all directions. Splashed water cannot
harm the operation of the phone.

IK03 standard:
Shock proof. Phone can withstand impacts of up to 0.35 joule.

Other satellite phones lose the satellite signal while walking or moving fast. What about XT-DUAL?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL uses an advanced technology to combine the strength of the Thuraya satellites with the purpose designed handset antenna in order to provide full walk-and-talk capability.

What if I have the XT-DUAL in my pocket and the antenna is retracted; can I still receive incoming calls in SAT-mode?

XT-DUAL uses the High-Penetration-Alerting (HPA) technology to provide call notifications even with weak satellite signal (e.g. phone in the pocket). After the HPA-notification, you can extend the antenna in order to accept the call.

Which production materials are used to ensure the Thuraya XT-DUAL’s durability?

The external casing of the Thuraya XT-DUAL is crafted from the latest polycarbonates in the industry, which are extremely robust. Internal components are shielded with aluminum and the connectors are protected with rubber seals to prevent damage from water splash or dust.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Thuraya XT-DUAL?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL weighs 211 grams and measures 139x53x27mm (l x w x d) and fits easily into a pocket.

Does the XT-DUAL allow hands-free operations?

Your Thuraya XT-DUAL supports Bluetooth and in addition has an earset included which both allow hands-free operations of your phone.

Which external connectors does the Thuraya XT-DUAL have?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL has the following external connectors: UDC (USB), Ear jack, DC power, Micro SD, External antenna and the Battery connector.

Does the Thuraya XT-DUAL support multiple languages?

The menu of the Thuraya XT-DUAL supports 12 languages which are English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Hindi and Urdu.

What is included in the Thuraya XT-DUAL package?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL package includes the following components:

Thuraya XT-DUAL phone, Heavy-Duty-Battery, 2GB Micro SD-Card, Travel Charger (incl. 4 adaptors for EU, UK, CHN, AUS), Earset, USB Data Cable, Spare Antenna Plugs, Quick Start Guide (14 languages*), User Guide (English), Support-CD, Accessory Catalogue and a Warranty

*The Quick Start Guide includes the following languages:
English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese, Swahili, Chinese.

What is on the Support-CD?

The Support-CD which is included in the phone package contains:

Drivers required to connect your Thuraya XT-DUAL with a PC or laptop (Win 7, Vista, XP)
User guides in 12 languages (in pdf-format)
Upgrader tool, required if there is a software-upgrade for the handset available.

Which SIM-Cards can I use in the Thuraya XT-DUAL?

All Thuraya postpaid or prepaid handset SIM-cards will work in your XT-DUAL. In addition Thuraya has roaming agreements with more than 350 roaming partners around the globe and therefore most GSM SIM-Cards will also work in the XT-DUAL (you will then use Thuraya services in roaming mode).

Which phone applications does the XT-DUAL have?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL features many smartphone-like capabilities like an Organizer (with calendar, alarm, tasks and notes functions), an MP3 audio player, a Media Center (for images, audio files, video clips) and many other extras like Calculator, Converter, Audio Recorder, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, World time etc. In addition the XT-DUAL has a synchronization manager included which allows you to synchronize for example your MS Outlook Contacts or Meetings.

Which call functions are supported?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL supports most of the common call functions like Call diverting, Call barring, CUG (Closed User Group), FDN (Fixed Dialing Number) and many others.

Can I load external applications or programs on the phone?

Thuraya XT-DUAL supports Java and therefore Java applications or programs can be installed on the phone. However, please check with the developer of the Java application before installing on the Thuraya XT-DUAL.

How can I use the Internet with XT-DUAL?

Thuraya XT-DUAL has a built-in web browser for accessing the Internet. For a more convenient Internet access you can also connect your PC or laptop with the XT-DUAL and use the Internet from there in order to browse the web or check your mails.

What is the memory capacity of the XT-DUAL?

The internal memory available for the user is approx. 352 MB. However, the XT-DUAL has also an external Micro-SD slot and comes with a 2GB Micro SD.

What is the talk-time and standby-time of the Thuraya XT-DUAL?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL uses an advanced heavy-duty-battery which allows talk-time of up to 11 hours and standby-time of up to 160 hours in GSM-mode.

In satellite mode the talk-time is up to 6 hours and the standby time is up to 60 hours.

What is the charging time of my Thuraya XT-DUAL?

The average charging time of an empty Thuraya XT-DUAL battery is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes.

What are the specifications of the display?

The display of the Thuraya XT-DUAL is a 5 cm (2 inch) TFT-display with 262,000 colors and 176×220 pixels.

What is the brightness-sensor of the XT-DUAL?

The brightness-sensor on top of the display regulates the brightness of the screen according to ambient lighting conditions. In dark environments the backlight of the display will be reduced, while backlighting will be increased in bright sunlight to provide optimal visibility. This technology contributes to reduced battery consumption and thereby increases talk-time and standby-time.

Can the display be read in direct sunlight?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL’s combination of a glare-resistant display with the high-contrast font and background of the graphic user interface greatly enhances visibility in direct sunlight.

Does my Thuraya XT-DUAL have a GPS-Navigation function?

The Thuraya XT-DUAL features GPS-navigation, which allows you to create and manage waypoints. These can be used to navigate from a fixed location to various waypoints, showing the distance and direction to each. Additionally, you can use location tracking by automatically saving your GPS coordinates in fixed intervals which will allow you to create a track of your route.

Can I use the XT-DUAL for tracking?

With the included GPS Helper function of the Thuraya XT-DUAL you can perform real-time tracking and send your location data (coordinates) in frequent intervals by SMS to your tracking portal in order to keep colleagues or friends and family up to date or to be tracked in critical missions.

Can the location of my Thuraya XT-DUAL be determined by others?

The GPS-navigation can only be initiated by the phone user – unwanted tracking cannot be remotely executed by external third-parties.

Does the phone have an emergency function?

The included GPS Helper function of the Thuraya XT-DUAL allows to preconfigure emergency messages and to save SMS emergency numbers. In case of an emergency you can then start the emergency function by pressing the right softkey for 3 seconds. The XT-DUAL will then send your alarm message with your current coordinates in frequent intervals to the predefined numbers.

Which PC Operating Systems are compatible with the Thuraya XT-DUAL?

You can connect your Thuraya XT-DUAL with PCs or laptops with one of the following Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Is it possible to synchronize my PC data with the XT-DUAL?

Your XT-DUAL comes with a Sync-Manager which allows you to synchronize for example MS Outlook Contacts, Meetings and Tasks with your PC or laptop.

How do I establish a GmPRS connection with my computer?

In order to use a GmPRS connection via your Thuraya XT-DUAL, you need to connect your Thuraya XT-DUAL to a PC via USB data cable. Afterwards you can establish a dial-up connection with your computer, just as you would connect to the Internet via a modem (the standard dial-up code is *99#, please refer to the manual of your computer or modem for further details).

What is the GmPRS speed of my Thuraya XT-DUAL?

The maximum GmPRS speed (Packet Data) of your Thuraya XT-DUAL is as follows:

Download: 60 kbit/s
Upload: 15 kbit/s

What is the data and fax speed of my Thuraya XT-DUAL?

The maximum Data/Fax speed (Circuit Switched Data) of your Thuraya XT-DUAL is as follows:

Download: 9.6 kbit/s
Upload: 9.6 kbit/s

Can I send e-mails using my phone?

Yes, Thuraya XT-DUAL has an advanced messaging service which also allows sending and receiving e-mails. For details about how to set up the e-mail client please refer to the user manual.

Which accessories are available for the Thuraya XT-DUAL?

Thuraya certified accessories include Car Chargers, Travel Chargers, USB Data Cables, Spare Batteries, Docking Units and Indoor Repeaters.

In which countries can I use the Thuraya XT-DUAL in satellite mode?

Thuraya provides satellite phone coverage in more than 140 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The full list of countries can be found at

In which countries can I use the Thuraya XT-DUAL in GSM-mode?

You can use your Thuraya XT-DUAL in all countries that have either 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz GSM networks which means you can use it in almost every country of the world.

In case of a problem with the handset how does the repair process work?

Please contact the Service Provider where you purchased your Thuraya XT-DUAL from. The Service Provider will assist you with any problem related to the handset. Please note that a fully filled warranty card is required for warranty repairs.

Can I use any power adapter with the phone?

No, due to the electrical specifications only certified Thuraya Power Adapters shall be used to avoid damages of the phone and void warranty. Spare Power Adapters can be purchased in case the original Thuraya Power Adapter is lost or damaged.

Can Thuraya IP be used in maritime areas?

Thuraya IP can also be used in maritime areas with compatible maritime antennas.

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